Thursday, July 9, 2009


Today I was in the mood to bake. I didn't care what, just something to occupy my time, satisfy my need for a little creativity and keep me in the house with Quinn crawling all over the place. Tomorrow Quinn and I are having lunch with Jason and his office peeps. They've decided to bbq and the ladies have requested a Quinn viewing.

Perfect. I checked my cupboards and refrigerator for ingredients against tried and true recipes. Only thing I was missing was eggs. And since just about every baking dish (i.e. dessert) calls for eggs, Quinn and I took a quick trip to the grocery store.

Nothing exciting there. We weren't gone for very long and I started whipping up batter as soon as I got home. Quinn occupied herself with toys in the living room, crawling back and forth to the kitchen to make sure I was still there, and chewing on anything she could get her hands on. Meanwhile, I made beer bread and Shrek cookies. (sidenote: oddly enough, beer bread doesn't call for eggs, ha!)

So anyways, I cleaned up by putting away all the ingredients and all the dirty dishes into the dishwasher. The beer bread was in the oven and the cookie mix chilling in the refrigerator. It was 5:00pm. Jason would be home any time and I didn't have anything planned for dinner. Not usually a big deal, but we don't have much to make a meal out of. It's either frozen or sitting at the grocery store waiting for us to buy it.

I grabbed some chicken out of the freezer and began to thaw it in a water bath. Jason came home and played with Quinn. He fed her and entertained her while I tried to figure out what to make with semi frozen chicken. I checked websites but couldn't really find much that allowed me to quickly whip something up.

Didn't matter. By this time, the chicken was as good as thawed. I hammered it flat and started adding ingredients to make a chicken casserole. Rice, water, cream of chicken, chicken, seasoning. Easy enough.

But wait, I don't have measuring cups. I used all of them while making beer bread and cookies. Now they're in the dishwasher. So are all my measuring spoons and basically ANYTHING with a measure on it. Ok, think Hilary, think. Well, we had one container (a fat separator) that had a measure on the side. This should work. Right?

Wrong. When dealing with water and rice, it needs to be measured CORRECTLY. Whatever it is that I did, it was so wrong. Not only did I not get the measurements right, but somehow I baked the dish 50 degrees colder than it was supposed to be. FOR A WHOLE 50 MINUTES.

So now it's 7:50. Quinn has just been put to sleep in bed and my husband is starving. Well, not starving. He had some of the beer bread. And man is that stuff dense.

Anyways. I took the chicken casserole out and checked it. The chicken was an odd pale of... white. Not tan, not beige, not brown...white. And I could see raw bits through the white. Gross.

And the rice? It was floating in water. What the heck? So now I'm annoyed. I check the temp. Oh, well, that's part of it for sure. So I turn it up 50 degrees. Jason decides to check out the dish and just gives me this queer look. Yeah, I know, I screwed up. So I put it in for another 50 minutes.

Ok Jas, you're on your own for dinner. Be creative with whatever ingredients you can find. Remember college? Yeah, like that.

We didn't have much else to do so we watched a movie. 7 Pounds, have you seen it? Not a bad movie.

After the movie, as we're shutting everything down and getting ready for bed, Jason checks the chicken. He looks at me with a sideways smile and asks what I want to do with it. I don't know. Lets just salvage the chicken and throw the rest away.

I start to stick a fork into the chicken and notice all the fat floating on top of the water. That's right, water. The rice has still not soaked that up. I'm not sure the vegetables are even edible after cooking for 100 minutes.

Nevermind, throw this crud away. We're both laughing at this point. It's disgusting. Some sort of gelatinous substance is floating in water with peas and carrots. White chicken (with seasoning sprinkles) is sitting on top of it all just daring us to eat it.

I grab some grocery bags from the pantry (we triple bagged it), and Jas helps me pour the chicken goop into the bag. He's gagging now. I'm laughing, trying not to be annoyed, and he's gagging like he's going to throw up. Come on now, it's not that bad. It's cooked, just not correctly. And the smell he's complaining of, that's what it would have smelled like if it was cooked right anyways, so what's the big deal?

Jas starts singing the Kenny Chesney lyrics "Eating burnt supper the whole first year, and askin' for seconds to keep her from tearin' up. Yeah man, that's the good stuff"



kristy said...

Cute Story...reminds me of the time I tried to make risotto with shrimp..had a very similar water issue. And the smell is forever ingrained in my memory...ick! I believe we ended up ordering a pizza that night.:)

maggie said...

love it! great story, thanks for sharing. should have taken a picture of the final outcome! ;)

Sean, Whitney, Grant, and Cooper said...

This might work for ya...We've had id several times. Once I didn't get it right the chicken was done but the rice was hard and there was so much water (don't use cheap rice), but give this a try...it's from campbell's soup kitchen site..it's been a life saver to quick and easy meals. Enjoy!!

One Dish Chicken & Rice Bake
From: Campbell's Kitchen
Prep: 5 minutes
Bake: 45 minutes
Serves: 4


1 can (10 3/4 oz.) Campbell's® Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup (Regular, 98% Fat Free or 25% Less Sodium)
1 cup water *
3/4 cup uncooked regular long-grain white rice
1/4 tsp. paprika
1/4 tsp. ground black pepper
4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts


Mix soup, water, rice, paprika and black pepper in 2-qt. shallow baking dish. Top with chicken. Season with additional paprika and pepper. Cover.

Bake at 375°F. 45 min. or until done.

*For creamier rice, increase water to 1 1/3 cups.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the joys of life.....


Anonymous said...

Should have gone to whattaburger!
Love Curtie

Angie said...

Cracked me up! I had a similar experience when trying to make my Mom's pork chops and rice! EWWWW!!!