Thursday, July 16, 2009

See how strong I am? ~ 8 months ~

Okay everyone, I am getting better and better at this crawling/pulling up/standing thing.

I'm awesome at walking around the couch and balancing. I have more to learn but I get better and better everyday! And that foam pad on the floor? Mommy put it there to block sharp corners and to pad my falls. It's fun when mommy and daddy tickle me and and play with me on the pad. But it slows me down too. I secretly think that's why mommy put it there.

I can crawl super fast too. If there is a shiny object on the floor, any object really, it automatically goes into my mouth. Can't help it. The more expensive the better.

This shows how well I can pull myself up and get down again. Pretty good, huh?!

Did you notice the dress I'm wearing? I bet you wish you had one too. My aunt Alexa made it, super cute right?!

And just in case you're wondering about me STILL being 8 months old, blame my aunt Heather. Mommy used to count by weeks how old I was and then translated it into months. Well, aunt Heather always gave her a hard time and finally, mommy started losing track of the weeks. So she has now started going by months, as in the 5th of every month marks my new birthday! I won't turn 9 months until August 5th which means I've been 8 months for about 4 weeks, or something like that. But it's okay, because the younger I am and the more accomplishments I have, the more genius I look!


cindylou said...

You are going to have one walking in a very short time....maybe days....maybe hours! SOOO cute Hil. Love to read your blog and keep up with you guys through it. Miss you all....need to get together soon! Hope to see you at Angie's party. Love you, cindy

Sarah and Drew said...

Her balance is awesome. I also loaf your foaming her walking zone!