Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quinn's Post ~ 1st Ever! ~

Quinn is feeling fantastic this afternoon and asked if she could guest blog. Sure! So here goes:

k njr yhtbvZZZZZZZZZZZZrdfmzczu8 jnj;lksjdfg

Ok, after about 2 minutes worth of typing, the above is all I'm going to let her say. I'm pretty proud of her capitalized Z's though. That took talent!

Still no pics, sorry.


Sarah and Drew said...

Didn't you read your sister's blog, no babies fingers on the keyboard or you'll have more computer probs?! Levi swiped the spacebar off Drew's laptop, so now we always have to keep him away from it!! But I will say the Z was impressive!

Anonymous said...

So how's the inhaler going? We know exactly how it goes...Cole has had one since he was about the same age as Quinn. He takes pills now so hardly ever has to use his inhaler. It was quite devastating for this mommy but we got through it! Give her a big hug for us!

Madge said...

Wow - I know that the allergy and sinus problems ran in the family - but, I had no idea they started so young!! Sorry to hear that both Quinn and Cole have to go through this - I hope they can 'grow' out of it!!!