Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Computer

My computer is on it's last leg. At least, I think it is. I'm not computer saavy. Anyone who knows me well knows that is an understatement. I believe that when you turn something on, it should work properly until you turn it off again. Period. Only exception is if you have to change the batteries. I get that, batteries, they're the little sources of power that are easily bought and changed out. Or in this case, simply plugging the computer into the wall. So if the power goes out, voila, there is your answer for why the computer won't work.
But since it's just not that simple (and I have zero tolerance for figuring out why technology, and grocery cart wheels, don't work properly), I'm begging Jason for another computer. I say begging because it is not I who brings in the money right now. Being on one income means compromise. Compromise entails begging my husband.

But while we stand by the side of the computer, rubbing the screen and telling it how much it has meant to us over the years, waiting for it to fall permanently asleep, I need to figure out what new one to buy. Ideally, I would love a Mac. In the real word, well, let's just say I'm not getting a Mac.
So, I want a laptop. Does anyone who actually knows a lot about computers have a suggestion? And I don't mean "buy this one, I just love it!". I want a computer that will work from the time I turn it on to the time I turn it off. That is, until I have to change it's batteries. Or at least one that is as close to that as possible.

Here is a picture of Quinn:


Deb said...

Mac all the way. No popups, no viruses. Seriously worth the extra dough.

Plus, it will be perfect for all your pictures. It handles photoshop with great ease, and has good storage solutions.

You MUST get a Mac. No question.

Sarah and Drew said...

I side with Deb too. Macs are amazing. I of course only get to touch them at work, but they ALWAYS start and never cause probs! I've had a few friends snag good deals on ebay!