Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Medicine Update

Quinn isn't sleeping well lately. Ever since we got home from the vacation up north she's had trouble. Just seems to be out of routine really. But we're still pretty normal as far as I can tell so I think she's just in a new phase. One that I haven't quite figured out.

11:30pm last night, just after I had fallen asleep for almost an hour, she starts crying and screaming from her room. I went in there and picked her up, checked her diaper, checked her bed. Her breathing was fine, no coughing. We sat in her rocker and just rocked while she fell asleep in my arms. I put her back in bed but she screamed every time. Finally I said tough and made her cry it out since I couldn't figure out a good reason why she may be doing this. Separation anxiety? I don't know. I stayed on the couch until almost 2am while she cried it out and finally went to sleep.

Well, Quinn had another coughing fit this morning. Poor girl woke up at 4am. I gave her the inhaler for the first time. I'm not even sure I did it correctly since I was still numb with fatigue. It's not a nebulizer, but there is a chamber/mask that goes over her face so the inhaler medication gets into her lungs. As you can imagine, a baby does not care for a mask over her face.

It was awful about as bad as I thought it would be. I had to hold down her arms with my forearm while holding her head still with my elbow. The other free hand held the mask on her face. Sounds disturbing right? And the whole time she's breathing in, she's crying and I feel like an attacker. The doc told me she needs to take 6-8 breaths with the mask on to get all the medicine into her lungs. Then wait three minutes and do it again. It's really not that bad and she recovers very quickly. But who wants to hold their child down like that? Blah.

So after she received the inhaler, she started coughing harder and you could hear the junk in her chest. This is from the allergies (in theory). But that's good, it means that her lungs are open enough to get the gunk out. Then her nose starts dripping and she's still coughing gunk up over an hour later. Okay, lets try the benadryl. At this point it's after 5am and poor girl just wants to sleep. You can see her rubbing her eyes but crying because she's miserable. So I give her the benadryl. Well now it's after 6am and I may as well give her breakfast b/c when she finally crashes, she'll be out for hours. I put the Singulair into her bottle since she needs to take that every 24 hours. After reading the side effects, she may experience drowsiness and/or dizziness. These are similar symptoms that she may experience with Benadryl. AWESOME. I am feeling like a baby drug pusher at this point.

Okay Quinn, I apologize profusely for not making you a better set of lungs in my womb. Whatever is causing you this grief, I am so, so sorry.

Well, almost 7am and baby girl is finally getting tired. She's still coughing though and now it's the same wheezing that requires the inhaler. But I can't give her another treatment until at least 9am. I put her to bed and tried to get some sleep myself.

For the next hour she coughs. I can't even sleep because my baby is miserable. She's not awake when she coughs though. Somehow she manages to try to sleep through it. But wait, there is stirring at 8am. Is she awake? Yup. What?! And wouldn't you know she was happy as a clam talking away and playing with all her toys after I got her up.

So, to recap. I got almost 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night. I tried to sleep today when Quinn slept but I only got an hour in before my mind raced with all the other things I need to get done. I admit I'm really kind of grumpy right now. I just feel really blah and really overly tired.

Good news is, I plugged my external hard drive into Jason's computer and it seems to be just fine. That's a whole load of worry off my shoulders.

So tonight I think I'm going to pop some sleeping pills when Jas gets home and sleep as long as possible. Maybe I'll make a pact with Jas; if she wakes up before 4am, he can help her out. If she needs me at 4am for another coughing fit, then I'll get up with her. But somewhere in between maybe I can get some sleep!


Deb said...

Caden recently went through something very similar. The doctors could never figure it out. He wanted us to be right next to him when he fell asleep (which I didn't want to create any bad habits, but I finally gave in for sanity reasons). He would also wake up and start screaming and coughing, for most of these episodes, he was sleeping. He hasn't done this for the past couple nights, but it lasted about 2-3 weeks. My guess is a virus... I dunno. I hope you get some rest and I hope Quinn gets to feeling better. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I absolutely hate it when the little ones are sick. I understand that we really don't know what Quinn has, at least the doctor is finally trying something.
If it gets to be too much, we are always willing to help out. The medication should kick in fairly quickly, hang in there. Let us know what we can do.


Fred and Heather said...

Wow, this sounds way too familiar! Both kids are snotty with coughs right now, Wyatt is running a temp and getting so worked up he pukes...oh brother. Mom and dad are supposed to come up this weekend and watch the kids so we can go camping, but we'll se, the kids are oging to have to be doing better than this!
I feel your pain...plus the teething is waking Bella up screaming at night! AAAHHHH Who needs sleep anyway right? Love you