Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm trying... I'm trying!!

I have been uploading pics (downloading?) to my computer from my camera since we returned from our trip. For the most part they're on Kodak Gallery. But I have one album that just will not upload (Tanja, BJ and family, I'm talking to you!). It's not the pictures, it's my computer!

Okay, so I'm a fan of True Blood. Not just a "fan", but a "FAN". It's a bit dirty, totally gross, and completely great! And since we don't get HBO because we're just a wee bit cheap, I've been downloading it on the internet. Well, the price for that is computer problems. There, I said it.

Every since I found season 2 episode 3 (tvshack.com), I've had popups like crazy. I've redownloaded the google toolbar and upped my security. But it's not working! My computer keeps shutting down on me. I restart my computer approximatley 3-1,000 times a day. It's so annoying I'm about to throw this d*mn thing out the window.

Ok, breathe.

So while I'm trying to figure out what the heck I did (b/c let's face it, tvshack.com wasn't the first site I tried to download from to get the stupid episode to air), I'm struggling to use the computer.

I know I owe you some Quinn photos. And believe me, I have plenty of ADORABLE photos of that little pumpkin. She's got 6 teeth and one popping through, a sense of balance that is quite remarkable for an 8 month old, and a voice that will make her parents cringe anyone within a 1/4 mile radius take notice. But it requires patience ("gasp", from me? Never!) and a cooperating computer (haha, yeah right).

Until then, please stay tuned!

(and does anyone know how to get popups to go away?! No, I don't need a smileycon or a baby diaper service or a young hot Russian chick to make my wildest dreams come true)


Madge said...

ok - while your browser is open try this
- Tools
- Internet Options
- Privacy
- Pop-Up Blocker

also - you may need to actually uninstall what you downloaded:
- Start
- Control panel
- uninstall programs
- choose the program you installed and get rid of it.

Have you tried Hulu or Joost to watch the tv programs on? I don't get alot of pop-ups with those.

Another thing you can check is the version of your browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, etc) and what operating system (i.e. windows vista or XP, etc) you are using.

I am always re-adjusting since I download 'free' stuff all the time. It can be a major pain!!!

Team Fuller said...

I have actually tried all of this. I have the newest version of explorer, updated windows, high pop up blocker and uninstalled what i thought would be the offending program. Nothing is working!