Monday, July 20, 2009

Doc's appointment

I'm writing this quickly because my sweet baby girl is giving me her 5 minute warning. This is the warning she emits before SCREAMING HOLY H-E-DOUBLEHOCKEYSTICKS. She is supposed to be sleeping but apparently is too good for afternoon naps as of late.

I took her to the doc's today to check out the persistant cough she's had for 3 months. We've already had it checked out and the doc said it was nothing/teething/cold. But now, three months later and multiple coughing fits, I'm starting to question it. Just this morning she was up at 4am coughing and hacking and wheezing to the point that she gagged herself and was almost choking on whatever is causing her the grief. The doc didn't directly say what she thought it was, now that I look back on it. Instead, we're going to give her prescription baby Singulair daily and treat her with an inhaler when she has the fits. Since they don't actually diagnose asthma until they're 3 years old, we're not going to call it that. We're just going to give the medication accordingly.

I'm not worried about any of it, but it's nice to have something that, fingers crossed, will help her with the runny nose and coughing fits.

I'll pick up the medication in about an hour from now and will administer tomorrow. Hopefully it works and gives her some peace.

And sorry about a lack of pictures. The computer no longer recognizes my external hard drive that holds all (and I mean ALL) my photos. Hopefully it's the computer and not the hard drive. Jas didn't bring home his laptop this weekend for me to check it against so I'm still praying that it's not the external hard drive as this will cause me an amount of pain and grief that I cannot even fathom. Until I know for sure, I have hope.

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope it is temporary and nothing serious. We forgive you for not posting more photos. :)
Thanks for keeping us updated, love you all.