Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We are in so much trouble.......

Miss Quinn has started to pull herself up. She did it the first time on Sunday (6/7) while Jas and I watched. She put both hands on the couch and slowly got up there. Her eyes never wavered from the prize though...the remote! And when she stood, she reached for it and then fell over. Kind of funny.

However, all she wants to do now is pull herself up. Whether it's on me, furniture....or her bed. That's right, I walked into her bedroom Tuesday morning and she was standing in bed. She then fell over and hit her head. Geez...

See, that's the problem. She has the strength but she doesn't have the coordination. So right now she can stand up, but then she just falls back down. Sometimes she lands on her bum, most of the time she hits her head on whatever semi-sharp or hard object is close by (they have a knack, don't they?). She currently has a scratch over her left eye and a bruise over the right. I'm glad I got the black and whites last week before she became this banged up version of Quinn.

I guess she figured crawling is too hard. She's doing better but she doesn't get very far before quitting. Now she just wants to stand.

I tried to film her standing in her crib yesterday but I only got about 5 seconds of film before she fell and hit her head. She's fine, no damage done. But the film isn't something I'm proud to show by any means.

So, I'll keep trying. And when I do get something worth showing, you can believe it will be posted!


maggie said...

oh my you guys are in trouble. she is so strong, i just can't get over. ada is barely getting her knees underneath herself. i think all the bumps are the hardest part about them learning to walk because like you said they are strong enough just not coordinated enough to do everything they want to. good luck!

Anonymous said...

Quinn really looks like you in this picture. Beautiful