Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lincoln Visit

Mommy has waited too long to update the blog and there is just too much to talk about! To start with, cousins DJ and Karlette welcomed their baby girl, Neliyah Faith, on Friday, June 26th. That night, cousins Tanja and BJ welcomed their baby girl, Norah Corrine too! Now I have even more baby girls to play with when I visit!!!

I've been able to see most of my cousins so far, along with the babies of my mommy's friends. Above is a picture of my cousin Bella and me. We're the same size and we like to play together. Bella drinks real milk now too. I stole it for awhile to taste it. It was okay... but it's no formula!

Wyatt and Bella were here for the weekend but then had to go back home. Mommy says that we're going to visit them again on Thursday night and we'll stay at their house in Grand Island through the weekend.

Last Friday, while my new cousins were being born, mommy and me went to Milford to visit cousin Leslie and her babies. She has two older boys and a new baby too, Emily Sue. This is a picture of her while she was trying to sleep. With two older brothers, 4 1/2 and 3, Emily has to sleep through the chaos. She did a great job and didn't seem to mind.

We also got to see mommy's friend Sarah and her son Levi. Sarah's sister and her family were also there with their brand new baby, Gabe. He was really cute and slept most of the time. This is little Gabe here:

While we were visiting, mommy's high school friend Amy and her husband and baby Hank stopped by. He thought I was pretty and held my hand for this picture. All the adults thought it was super adorable (rolls eyes).

Here is a picture of me and Levi playing. He's pretty good at sharing his toys which is good because he had super fun toys!

We've seen my great grandpa Yoder a few times while here in Lincoln too. He loves to hold me and talk to me. He even bounces me on his knee which is so much fun!

Below is a picture of me in my first Ferrari. It's my uncle Bruce's and boy was daddy jealous when grandma Yoder sent him this picture! Bruce said that if daddy came to visit, he'd let him drive it. I think daddy is booking his plane ticket now....

It's been super busy this week and mommy and me are both very tired. Sunday we celebrated aunt Heather's birthday. Everyone wanted me to try cake but mommy wouldn't let me. She said I have to wait until my first birthday. Either that or she'll slip me some on her 30th...we'll see!

Yesterday we met Norah Corrine and got to see cousin Tanja, BJ and their two oldest ones, Kaiden and Tess. I had so much fun playing with their toys but fell asleep half way through the visit.

Last night we went to see mommy's high school friends: the Averetts, Josh, Chris and Cory and Kris (I know, lots of people!). Deb and Casey's little boy, Caden, was also there and we swam in the pool together. Caden let me play with lots of his toys and their dog Jonzie licked my face. I was so tired that mommy took me out of my carrier when we got home and I never even woke up when she put me to bed.

Today we slept quite a bit. We saw Sarah and Levi again this morning before they had to leave. Mommy and Sarah played the wii. Sarah beat mommy at just about everything which she wasn't happy about. They even played baby tennis on the wii. Mommy held me in her arms while Sarah held Levi and they battled it out. Sarah said it would be good for their arms to play it. Mommy went along with it but was so tired later today that grandpa has been carrying me around in my carrier just about all day.

We also went to uncle Bruce's for dinner tonight with great grandpa and my grandparents. It was super good but I fell asleep pretty early. Tomorrow we get to see mommy's friend Angie and her new baby Julia. You know we'll have pictures! Okay, I'm tuckered out and need my beauty sleep. I have to look my best for my new friends tomorrow!


maggie said...

oh i'm so sad that i wasn't there. looks and sounds like you had so much fun! i'm going to be in lincoln in a couple weeks and i can't wait. it has been two years since i've been there and i miss it!

Grandma Fuller said...

My you have been busy. I am exhausted just reading about all your adventures. Sound like you are having a great time.

Sarah and Drew said...

miss you guys already! so glad this visit worked out!!!

Madge said...

I guess all there is left to say is 'WOW - I'm exhausted!' :)
Love the pictures as always!
Tell everyone 'HI' from me!
Love Ya!