Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kansas City Visit

Sorry that mommy hasn't posted before now, she's been busy taking care of me and driving me all over the midwest! Our first part of this summer trip was to Kansas City to see my grandma and grandpa Fuller, great grandpa Fuller, cousins, aunts and uncles. I was very curious to see everyone and they were excited to see me!

I haven't seen my family much since Christmas and boy did I miss them. Plus, I've grown so much since then that I needed to show off my new skills and abilities! I can pull myself up onto almost anything (and love trying!), I'm crawling all over and I still love to smile. I'm super cute right now and sure am glad that my family got to see it.

We also got to celebrate Father's day with the family. This was daddy's first official Father's day. I'm very excited for him and we had lots of fun. Mommy and I went to a pottery store in Flower Mound and made a coffee mug with my handprint on it. It's awfully adorable. Daddy really liked it. I also gave daddy a card that told him how lucky he was to have me, hehe. He gave me lots of kisses over that one.

Here is a picture of the immediate family:

This is my great uncle Jack. He wore this cowboy hat which made me feel like I was at home. Then he had me try it on and everyone kept laughing and taking pictures. I was a good sport, anything to make the grown ups laugh!

My cousin Addison and I went swimming too. Great aunt Debbie is blowing bubbles for us which we love

Here is a nice picture of daddy and me. Don't we look alike? Grandma and mommy compared baby pictures of daddy to me and we look a lot alike. Good thing he's so handsome!

This is my great aunt Karen and uncle Bruce. They thought I was realy cute and lots of fun. Uncle Bruce makes lots of jokes. He's pretty funny. Aunt Karen was fun to cuddle with. She even scratched my belly for awhile which I loved.

This is my great grandpa Fuller. He bounced me on his knee and we had lots of fun. Look at the smile on my face!

I have lots of pictures from my trip. Mommy will load them up soon and we'll send them out. Until then.... Have a great weekend!

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