Thursday, June 18, 2009

~ 8 Months ~

Wow, Quinn is 8 months already. That seems incredible to us. She is getting to be such a little person too with a full personality, moving and shaking all over the place, using her voice and dancing to music (while sitting, of course).

So she can officially crawl now. She doesn't seem to be a big fan of it just yet but she's definitely able to get from point A to point B if she so desires. What is most fascinating to her is standing up. She is pulling herself up on anything she can get her little tiny hands on. The couch is her favorite, but the wall, crib railing, mommy's leg... anything really, will do! And not only is she pulling herself up but she moves around the object as well. She does this mostly around the perimeter of the couch. That seems to be her favorite.

The other night Jas and I were peeking through her bedroom door watching her. She was standing in her crib and looking at the toy that hangs on the railing. It has a light show and music. She was looking at where the light comes from and pushing the button on and off. Then she let go! She stood, unassisted, for almost 2 seconds. Then, without moving her arms or head, she did a dead man's fall straight back. It was so funny Jason and I had to shut the door so she wouldn't hear us laughing. No worries, she didn't hurt herself. I'm sure she just pulled herself up again.

Speaking of falling, I can't help but remember something my dad said when he visited a few weeks back. He said that all humans start out as geniuses. It's the constant falling on our heads that makes us the way we are. And by watching Quinny knock her head on everything hard around her, I couldn't help but wonder how true it is!
Here are some pictures of Beau and Madge with Quinn. Madge is in town visiting Beau for a couple days and they invited us to lunch. It was so great to see them! Beau introduced us to a little Latin restaurant that I haven't been to before. I know Jas would love it and will have to take him some time. Quinn loved Beau and Madge too. She smiled and played with them. She ate it up! We were there for two hours and she never truly fussed. She was getting a bit tired towards the end and gave us her "warning calls", as I like to refer to them. They're the sweet sounding caws that she emits before truly crying and throwing a fit. Jas refers to them as "calling the eagles in". They really do start to sound like caws as they progress. At least she's kind enough to warn us that a tantrum is coming on!

And this last picture I just have to post because it has had me laughing all morning. We ran to Target to get some last minute things before our trip up north. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I see this huge dog in the driver's seat of a convertible mini cooper. I just imagined this dog driving down the highway, his fur blowing in the breeze, shades on, radio blasting. It was too funny! I tried to get closer for a better shot but two other cars pulled into the spots on both sides of the car. Oh well, you get the picture!
Tomorrow morning Team Fuller is leaving Dallas for Kansas City. Our goal is to leave early in the morning. I would like to leave around 4am so we can log as many hours while Quinn is sleeping as possible. Jason wants to leave around 5am. That means we'll probably get out of here around 6am. We'll spend the weekend with his folks and family and he'll board a plane for Dallas Monday night. I'm going to stay in KC with Quinny until about Wednesday and then head to Lincoln to visit my side of the family. Then on the weekend of the 4th, we'll head to Heather's family in Grand Island before making our way to Dallas. I'll have plenty of access to the internet but I'm not sure how much posting I will do. Hopefully I can still keep up at least one post per week, that's the goal!


Deb said...

It's amazing how quickly 8 months goes!

I sure hope this means that we are having a get together. I know you're not hear for long, so let me know when you can fit me in. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see my daughter and granddaughter. Seems like it has been so long since I got to see them last, even though it has been only a month. Hope everyone enjoys father's day. Be safe, love you all. P.S., love the little stories and narratives!


Madge said...

Thanks for adding me to your story! It was such a treat to see both you and Quinn while I was in Dallas!!! Both Beau and I had a great time at lunch and Quinn was such a joy!!!