Friday, June 5, 2009

~ 30 weeks ~


Cheryl said...

Very cute! Where were these taken? Is that Wendy? I can't tell. I love the mirror poses.

Anonymous said...

Those are great photos. Very artsy. Looka like all of that hard work paid off in school. Keep them coming, love to know what is going on down there.


cindylou said...

Oh my GOODNESS Hil, these are amazing pictures!!! You are so very talented....God blessed you with such a gift....and then there's His gift of the precious subject.....oh so sweet. Love the one of Audie and Quinn....very very artsy!! Love you three and can't wait to see you and see Quinn CRAWL!! She's getting to be such a big girl!!

Kristi said...

Hil -

The recent photos of Quinn are amazing and adorable...you should be quite proud!

Oh, and I love your new background...very girly...it's perfect!

;) Kristi

Sarah and Drew said...

super sweet. nice work!

Anonymous said...

Its been much to long. Of course we always used to say that, but when we look at how big our children are getting, its even more apparent. Quinn is gorgeous, just like her mama. She looks so much like you.
Amy Frohloff