Wednesday, May 20, 2009


For the love, it was absolutely disgusting. The day was a normal day, nothing out of the ordinary. Quinn was on her normal eating and sleeping schedule. I was cleaning the house, painting the doors (yes, I achieved the painting goal I set for myself). I had just finished painting and was starting to clean up the mess when I discovered it. After rounding the corner to the living room...there it was. My precious baby girl was happy, kicking her feet, minding her own business and playing with the toys in her circle of fun. You would have never known what was happening by the look on her face. But then I saw it; I had happened to look down at her feet.....

The horror!!! It took me a minute to assess the situation and figure out how in the world I was going to clean it up. You see, she has to be pulled up, vertically, from the circle of fun. That means that whatever is on her legs is going to get on the seat. And then where do I set her? How do I get her clothing off without getting it on her head?

I took her straight to the bathtub, ran some water, cut off her clothes and hosed her down. Well, we don't have a hose, so I used my hands (yuck!). Because I was not necessarily calm during this "situation", poor baby girl picked up on that and began to cry. So I tried to calm her down while scraping poo from her body. Ok, so then she was sitting in it, gross. Did I mention too that she tried to stick her foot in her mouth (succeeded just slightly) and that I yelled "NO" super loud and scared her while knocking her foot out of her mouth? Had to scrape that piece from her lip as well. So then I had to drain the tub to get rid of the mess, but where do I set her? Not in a cold bathtub.....

I held onto her, on the bathroom rug, while emptying out the bathtub. She kept trying to climb on top of me b/c the running water scared her (it was loud). Then I had a dirty diaper sitting on the bathroom floor that I was trying not to fall into as I balanced my slippery daughter and tried to empty out the tub and refill with clean water. What a small disaster!

Having learned from this experience, I will do it differently next time, no doubt. But, for now, there is a hosed off circle of fun in the backyard, a cut up onsie, and two very, very dirty washcloths in the washer!

No worries Brian, Alexa and Addison, I'll be sure to clorox the bathroom before your arrival!

By the end of the day, or by the time Jason got home, all was calm and well again. Quinn was trying to crawl but having no luck. She can scoot backward from one room to another but she has yet to figure out how to go forward. This is okay by me for now. Surely she'll figure it out soon enough, until then... I can still get some chores around the house done!



Madge said...

What a fun time!!
Actually Eric did the same thing to me - only he was in his high chair. What a mess it was to clean up - YUK!
I finally figured out that this happened to Eric when he was cutting a tooth.
Not a favorite memory of mine :)

Deb said...

Oh dear! It happens to the best of us. Caden's new thing is pooping while he's in the tub. Let me tell you how fun it is to handle a slippery baby while trying to clean the tub. ;)

Cheryl said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Let me tell you, some things just don't need to be shared!!!

I knew that Quinny would be crawling soon! Remember she got up on her knees just before you left for Mexico! What a girl!

Fred and Heather said...

Welcome to my world! Bella has a blow out daily, I have to take 3 outfits with her to daycare on a daily basis, good grief!
That's pretty early for crawling, we are so not there yet! What a smart little cookie, she's just beautiful, can't wait to see her!

maggie said...

i can't believe that you cut the onesie off! that cracks me up. it really does happen to the best of us, and more than once! i also can't believe that she is almost crawling. ada is kinda getting close but not like quinny! how fun! have a great memorial weekend.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing


Sarah and Drew said...

You win the Nasty award! Goo on poo!!!

Anonymous said...

That is great! I love the big smile on Quinny's face! She was thinking, "Look what I made for you Mommy!" You CUT the onsie off?? That is funny. This one of motherhoods finest moments. That which does not kill you will make you stronger. Thanks for sharing. You are a great mom!

Love ya! Kel

Angie said...

OMG! Jason and I got such a kick out of this! You poor thing! Kudos for surviving!!