Saturday, April 11, 2009

Welcome Grant Richard Meyer!

Wow, what a week! Our friends Sean "Kid" and Whitney welcomed their baby son, Grant Richard Meyer, into the world late last night. Jason received a text about midnight that Whitney had delivered little Grant. Since Quinn wasn't feeling so wonderful with her teeth poking through (and you can see the ridges have in fact poked through!), we were awake about 2am and decided to give Sean a call. He said that Whitney and Grant were doing great and everyone was well and healthy!

We stopped by the hospital to see them this morning and to meet the little guy. He is precious! I just cannot remember Quinn being so little. His tiny little body, hands and feet were all cuddled up in his swaddle blanket. What a beautiful, perfect little boy! Whitney looks great as well. She was blessed with a quick labor and delivery and is resting comfortably. Sean, of course, is a happy, beaming father.

After that we went to visit Jon and Kristy again because their little one, Kendall, is out of the NICU. She is amazing. What a blessing for them to have her in their arms and to get to take her home soon. You can see the glow in their faces as they look at their daughter.

Quinn's playdate calendar is going to be FULL in just a few months!

Happy Easter everyone!

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Madge said...

Mercy me - what is in the water there??? Actually, all over :)

Liam is also teething. Seems awful early - but, he is really growing in leaps and bounds. I believe he is already 17 lbs. And downing about 42 oz. of formula a day.