Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Off to Mexico

Well, we leave for Mexico tomorrow morning. Angie and Chase are going to officially become Mr. and Mrs. Corley on Saturday and we're thrilled to witness it.. on the beach, no less!

On the flip side, Quinn is not going with us. This rips my heart out. The thought of being away from her for 4 nights is really hard and has made me cry just a few times already. I'm sure it'll make me cry pretty hard when we get there. But my mom is here to take care of her and I know that they will get on fabulously. My mother is an amazing grandma and Quinny sure does love her.

Tomorrow Quinn will officially turn 6 months old too. Can't believe that she's already 1/2 a year old. So when I get back, it will be picture taking time, for sure!!!

See you next week!

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