Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Just Can't Help Myself!

I told myself I wouldn't post any pics until Angie had a chance to see them, but I can't help it, I'm too excited. So here is just a sneak peak at one that I think is beautiful!

We had a great time at the wedding but I'm not gonna lie, we're exhausted. We actually went to bed at 7:45pm last night to try and catch up on sleep. I didn't wake up until about 6:45am and still feel groggy (that's probably the oversleeping though, poor me :)

The weather here is cloudy and rainy too, makes you miss the ocean and sunshine!


Sarah and Drew said...

Beautiful! Everything!

Anonymous said...

Sorry we couldn't make it, but it looks like a beautiful wedding. Congrats to the bride and groom. I hope they are happy forever. Our best wishes to all of the family.

Randy Yoder