Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a great Easter! We were fortunate enough to spend the day with our very soon-to-be new family members; Chase, his parents Cindy and Michael and brother Shawn. The girls were there, with Angie and some friends of theirs. We had a really nice time, great food, great conversation. The girls even got to hunt for money filled easter eggs! Quinn was adorable in her new Easter dress (thank you uncle Bruce!!), her tights, shoes and bow. I'm already thrilled for next year when she can hunt for eggs herself!

I have to post this next picture because it made Jas and I laugh so hard last night. Doesn't it look like Quinn is saying: "What are you smiling at? This picture is about me!"

We are also entering a new stage where Quinn likes to roughhouse! She loves bouncing on our knees and hanging upside down. So I snapped a quick photo of Jas hanging her from her feet. This is such a fun age!


Sarah and Drew said...

Super cute! I love the dress too! Is she sporting more hair than Jas now?!

Angie said...

All three of you radiate such happiness in your photos! I really enjoy checking up to see how you are doing and how quickly little Quinn is growing!