Friday, April 3, 2009

~ 21 Weeks ~

Darn sunglasses! I found a pair that have the straps instead of the arms. When Quinn turns her head in the stroller, the glasses always get knocked off. Well, the glasses with the straps should have been the answer but b/c our little Quinn has a smaller head, the straps are just a bit too big still. So when we went for our walk this afternoon, we started off good.....

But it never fails that whatever she can get her hands on will end up in her mouth!


Madge said...

OK - that is just too darn cute!!!
I Love it!!

Sarah and Drew said...

Levi started doing the same thing. I just keep putting them back over his eyes, so he's lessened his meddling! However, the other day I looked at him mid-walk and noticed one of his eyes was closed so I figured he was asleep. Actually the glasses were smushing the eyelid shut and he didn't bother to protest. He was just taking it all in with one eye. Poor submissive kid!