Monday, March 16, 2009

The Weekend, by Quinn Fuller

What a weekend! Friday night, mommy and daddy wanted to work on the butterflies for my room. I got to help them pick out the fabrics and watched as they were put together. Mommy says I have a natural talent.

This is a picture of me and daddy. It shows both of our bald heads. Daddy thinks this is why everyone says we look alike. But mommy and everyone else thinks it's because we have the same face. My cousin Angie thinks I really look like daddy when I'm crying.

Saturday night was my cousin Audrey's birthday party. I got to wear my outfit that grandpa Yoder gave me for Christmas. I'm not gonna lie, I was cute. A lady even told me that I must be the first baby for my mommy and daddy because only the first babies are dressed up so cute. She said that my siblings will be lucky enough to have matching clothing, whatever that means.

We met up with the birthday party at Blue Goose in Plano. It was so loud that it made me anxious and I cried a lot (this is when Angie thought I looked like daddy). It took me awhile to calm down, I'm still not a fan of noisy places. But once I finished my bottle and fell asleep, mommy and daddy were able to finish their meal. I even tricked daddy for a minute. After dinner, everyone was meeting up at Ben and Jerry's. Daddy was convinced that I would be able to handle it. Just as he said something, I started crying, just to let him know that he needs to stay on his toes. Needless to say, mommy took me home.

So here is a picture from Saturday night, after mommy knew that I wouldn't be able to handle ice cream. Daddy saw how tired I was and caught me rubbing my eyes. I don't know what it is about my eyes but they get rubbed a lot at night.

And this, of course, is my new chair that I got this weekend. I don't fit too well in my boppy anymore. Daddy says I'm too big and wiggly. So now I get to sit in a big girl chair. It's super comfy, so much so that after my bottle, I didn't even care that milk was all over my face. I just wanted to sleep.

Here is a quick clip of me dreaming. Cousin Curtie came into town this weekend and while we drove him to the airport, mommy captured me making this funny face. Everyone thinks I'm cute when I do this, I don't know why. But if it makes them laugh....


maggie said...

super cute post! ada does the same sucking tongue thing and i love it! so cute!

Sarah & Drew said...

She's a cutie batutie!

Madge said...

Quinn is getting so big!! Sure wish I could meet her in person!!