Tuesday, March 24, 2009

~ 5 Months ~

What a big week! Quite a few milestones were hit by Quinn this last week and Jason got to celebrate his surprise birthday party on Saturday.

We'll start with Jason's birthday party. I've been planning it for about 3 weeks now with Kendra. Her and Harden let us use their house to host the party (they have a fantastic backyard for bbq'ing and plenty of room on the inside to accomodate everyone).

I sent the evite out last week and kept my fingers crossed that no one would mention anything to Jas about it. All last week I was running around grocery shopping, making a picture prop for the table (pictures of him growing up), getting decorations, etc.. Then on Friday I did the big grocery shopping (Costco meats and last minute items at the grocery store).

Let me give a big shout out "Thank You!!!" to Carrie for helping me pull the grocery shopping off. She watched Quinn for me while I went to Costco on Friday and then again on Saturday while I ran around with my head cut off (can you picture it?). My stress level was at a 9.

I also want to let the guys know how much I appreciate their help in getting Jason out of the house on Saturday. They took him golfing (something they just had to endure, oh the horror!) while I ran errands.

Jas, Quinn and I headed down to Kendra and Harden's about 6pm on Saturday. Jas walked into the backyard and was greeted with a huge "Surprise!" from our friends. It was great! We had burgers and brats, lots of snack foods and were surrounded by dear friends. We finally shut it down about 3am (don't worry, Quinn was asleep by 9). It was so great getting to sit around and talk with friends all night. We haven't done that since Quinn was born and it was badly needed.

(This photo taken by Jason!)

Now for the milestones. Last week, March 20th, grandma Yoder's birthday to be exact, Quinn giggled. We're still not sure if it's her full giggle or if there is more to come. But it's the most we've ever heard and we tried to get it on tape. She was uncooperating though so we'll have to keep working on it.

Then on Saturday, Quinn rolled over from her back to her stomach for the first time! Since then, she rolls back and forth. What a big girl!!!

And now for the big one, Quinn had rice cereal for the first time last night. We were not sure what she'd think of it but she loved it! We have video of her anxiously eating it and some cute pictures of her trying to eat the bowl (I'm sure she was just overexcited and confused!)

Now we just have to figure out how to feed her so that she doesn't need a bath afterwards everytime. What a sticky mess! The video below is before she makes a mess:


Sarah & Drew said...

Gorgeous pics! Fun video! And yay to party!!!

Madge said...

Quinn is so beautiful! And getting SO BIG - she will be crawling before you know it!

I can't tell you enough - how much I appreciate your updates. I LOVE reading them and seeing Quinn growing!!!

Thank you Hilary!!!