Thursday, March 12, 2009

~ 18 weeks ~

This week hasn't been all that eventful really. We've had cloudy days and it's been kind of cold which has kept us in the house since yesterday. I was able to get to the gym on Tuesday but ended up pulling a muscle in my shoulder. No harm done, just a litte sore. It's better today than yesterday so we'll see how the next week goes.

I have been feeling crafty being stuck in the house. I found some great fabrics from Hobby Lobby this week and decided to finally try out a diy project I've had my eye on for awhile. On Deb's blog, she provided a link with lots of diy project ideas. You can see it here. I've only sewn two of the birds so far which you can see in the picture. But, I found some prettier fabrics at Hobby Lobby yesterday that I like much better and will make the rest of the birds out of. When I have finished the project, I'll make sure to post a picture!

The other project for Quinn's room that I've been working on is with butterflies that are sold at Target. I had seen these at Jon and Kristy's house in their nursery and fell in love with them! They come plain white, so I've spray painted them, given them a little glitter, and stuck fabric behind to make them a bit more butterfly-like. They have a pushpin that goes into the wall and a magnet on the back of the butterfly that sticks to the pin. Easy as that!

Now, for this last picture, what can I say? I was trying to get something cute of Quinn for her 18 week pictures. I'm not trying to capture her every week, but at least more than once a month since she grows so fast. Well, she wasn't feeling the shoot today but I got one that made me laugh. On Sarah's post yesterday, she wrote about Levi wearing his new glasses at the mall. Some kid on a skateboard road by and commented on Levi looking like a gangster. Well, in honor of that comment (and me laughing out loud at it), I've titled this photo: "Yo Levi, need another recruit?!"


Deb said...

I'm loving the projects you are working on! And Quinn is such a cutie!!

Sarah & Drew said...

Go craft diva. For as often as we talk...why haven't you mentioned these things?! I'll check with Levi on Quinn taggin' along with him. It'll probably depend on her ride! How she rollin' lately?

Cheryl said...

Who are you? Who took over my daughter's blog? Did I see the word "sew"?

Yo Quinny--tool on up to G'ma's, we can hang out together!

Fred and Heather said...

Did mom really say "Yo" and "tool on up"?...ok, aliens stole my entire family! I didn't know you even knew how to thread a needle, this domestic stuff suits you very well...I might need some lessons.

kristy said...

I love what you did with the butterflies...now I might have to copy your fabric idea:)

Quinn has quite the street cred for living in FloMO. :)

Madge said...

Ok - you are all beginning to scare me . . . no wait . . . it was the picture of the little gangsta'!!

Keep up the great work Hilary!