Thursday, March 5, 2009

~ 17 Weeks ~

Okay, I did it, I finally did it! I dragged my oversized bottom to the gym on Tuesday with baby in tow. I let go of my fears and allowed the daycare people to watch her for an hour while I ellipticalled my flab away and built up my lost muscle!!! Well, started building anyways. And it was great! I so badly needed that. So today, I'm going again!

Last night Jason was pretty tuckered out after work. Not sure why exactly, he was just overly tired. So when it was time for Quinn's 9:30pm feeding, I went into the bedroom to wake her up, only to find this scene:

How precious is that?

Then this morning, when it was time for her 6:30am feeding, I found her like this:

Our friends Jon and Kristy babysat her again for us on Saturday night while we went to a friend's birthday party. We told them that swaddeling her would be difficult, she's just getting too big, too smart and too strong. Here is the proof. The yellow blanket is her swaddle blanket and it's supposed to be covering her entire body from the neck down. You just can't make this baby do something she doesn't want to do! I like to think she takes after me :)


Anonymous said...

Just like being there, I love this stuff Hil.


Sarah & Drew said...

I love Quinn's propped up arm. How can men fall asleep anywhere!?