Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Video

I just saw Sarah's clip of Levi bouncing and jumping in his johnny jumper. I posted on her blog that Quinn got one of these this weekend. She's still a bit young and hasn't exactly figured out what it's for, but she loves to try to put it into her mouth. Here is proof:

Also, Friday night Quinn passed out while eating her last bottle that Jason was feeding her. You can hardly see the image, I apologize for that. But if you have the sound turned up, you can hear her snoring and breathing hard, it's just too cute!

Thank you to those that had comments on the previous post about the schedule. I gave Quinn an all formula bottle at her 9:30pm feeding last night and she slept until 5:30am this morning! When I picked her up though, her stomach was growling. This kid is an eater, what can I say?

It's 10:30am now and I put her down for her nap about 20 minutes ago. Either she will wake soon and continue to puzzle me, or she'll sleep until 11:30/noon and we'll be back on track. That's the hard part, she goes through so many phases that I never know for sure if this is the new schedule or just a phase. But I'm a fan of my old schedule and really want her to be one too!

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Angie said...

Oh my goodness the snoring is priceless! I laughed so hard I think I woke Baby Runge up!!!