Monday, February 23, 2009

Calling all parents!

For 10 weeks now Quinn has been on a schedule. This schedule has worked great and even allowed for her to sleep through the night a few times (up to 11 hours!). Lately though, this child will not sleep for very long. She only sleeps for maybe up to an hour and then wakes up screaming. It makes our hearts jump and race each time! Especially when she wakes us up at 4:30am to that sound.

Anyways, I am at a loss as what to do next. She is hungry often, usually before her 3 hour mark. But she already eats 6 oz 6 times a day. 36 oz is certainly enough, sometimes more if she's cluster feeding.

So here's her typical routine: She wakes up about 5am. She sleeps again between 6-8:30am. She then eats and goes to sleep around 10am and I try very hard to stretch her out until noon. Sometimes she wakes up sooner. I feed her every three hours, she plays for 1-2 hours after waking up and eating, then goes down for her nap again. It's a constant 3 hour cycle of wake and feed, play, sleep. Then after her 6:30pm feeding, she stays up almost the entire time until her 9:30pm feeding (mostly b/c she refuses to sleep). She then goes to sleep at 10:30pm and sleeps until about 5am.

Now that she barely naps, she gets cranky and confused when I don't feed her right away b/c she's used to waking and eating. But I can't be giving this little girl more milk at 2 hour intervals, she'll be a linebacker by Christmas!

My question to you: what kind of schedule did you have your baby on and what would you recommend for a child that doesn't care to nap for very long?

Jason took some pics over the weekend that are pretty cute. They also show how big Quinn is getting. Someone asked me last week if she was getting big, let me just say "um... yes".


Anonymous said...

Hi guys
I would think that if Quinn is still spitting up after every feeding, she is getting too much at one time and maybe too often. I would think that not giving her a bottle every time she cries would be the way to go. Does the pacifier work when given by itself? Does she play be herself at all or is mom and dad always present? Does she cry because she is hungry or lacking attention. She is probably more than a little spoiled by always having mom and dad there. Probably doesn't like it when you aren't. I doubt that she is always hungry. Hil, give me a call tomorrow or feel free to call your mom or sister. I am sure they can help better than I can. Dad

maggie said...

i suggest reading the book titled on becoming baby wise by gary ezzo. i have used it to create a routine for our girls and it works really well!!! ada is on a 4 hour routine. she wakes eats and than sleeps. she is up 2 hours and sleeps 2 hours. she takes three 2 hour naps a day. i hope the book helps. i think it is really great!!!! good luck

Sarah & Drew said...

Sorry Charlie! How can these little ones be such a matrix? I actually don't know what matrix means, but it sounds confusing! To encourage you a woman who seems wise (graying) at the hospital mommies group I visit would say she is still young to be on a schedule...so don't fret. But I know that's not what you want. I'm now deleting the remainder of my comment and emailing it to you...b/c it's getting quite long.

Deb said...

This is normal, Hil and everything will be okay. I agree with Sarah and had the same problems with Caden when he was around 3 months. I was yearning for a schedule and he didn't seem to want to follow one. It will come with time, I promise. If she is really hungry, I would suggest starting cereal. I know 4 months is the suggested time frame, but it does wonders for their sleep schedule and might be worth a try. Caden is a foodie too so maybe we should have a eating contest between the two of them? Love you and I'm always here if you have questions. xoxoxo