Thursday, February 19, 2009

~ 15 Weeks an rolling over!!!

I'm so excited to report that Quinn is starting to roll over! What an exciting milestone to witness. I know I've already told you about it on the last post, but since then I've been able to film it! The look on her face cracks me up too, sort of "what just happened and why are you making a big deal of it?" ..... Does anyone else dislike the sound of their own voice on recordings?


Angie said...

Oh my gosh how cute! At the end with her arms thrown up it's almost like she's saying, 'Ta, dah!!"

maggie said...

that is so great. my little ada is still as content as she can be to be on her back or stomach. she is hanging out on her side the last couple days. i also missed evie roll for the first time, so i'm determined not to miss ada. but probably will! :-) quinn is so cute! the expression on her face is priceless!

Cheryl said...

We are so proud! Make sure and mark it in her baby book!!