Wednesday, February 11, 2009

~ 14 Weeks ~

Let's see, what's happened since the last post....

My dear friend Carrie turned 30 last friday. I got to go out and celebrate with her and some friends at Gloria's in Addison for dinner. They have amazing margaritas and I had to remind myself that I am still nursing!

Jason is gone this week for work and it's just me and Quinn at home. We had some pretty wild storms blow through last night. Flower Mound actually got pretty lucky, other places, not so much. I believe parts of Oklahoma and Fort Worth had tornadoes. Luckily, we had heavy rain for about 10 minutes and that seems to be all. I had candles lit and the flashlight right by my side in case the power went out. The only affect the storms seemed to have had on us was messing up my DVR. Tuesday nights are when Nip/Tuck is on and darn it, the storm cut out the middle of the program and it didn't tape. Luckily, F/X shows the same episode two hours later!

I'm excited for Jason's mom to come visit us tomorrow night. She hasn't seen Quinn since Christmas. And although it hasn't been that long, Quinn is so much bigger! I can't wait to hear what she thinks about how she's grown and all the milestones she's reaching.

I also get to start my class tomorrow night. The local school district has adult classes for those that are interested and Carrie and I are signed up for the web site design class. It goes through April, every Thursday night, and gets me out of the house once a week while learning a new skill. Score! Plus, I've been really wanting to learn more about starting a website. I could use one for my photography and it's just good knowledge to have.

Other than that, I just started reading the Twilight series recommended to me by a friend. I can't put it down! I haven't read since the hospital and I must be making up for lost time. I bought the first book last friday and I'm already on the 3rd as of Monday! I'm trying to slow down though, they're not cheap books and I can't afford to keep going out and buying them. They are quick reads though. For books that are 500 pages long, it sure doesn't take long to read each one.

I attempted to take Quinn's picture in her tutu again this morning. She's able to sit up more now and I tried a seat that we got at one of our showers. I don't think she ever looked at me long enough to get a shot of her straight on. Apparently the tutu is too delicious to look up!


Cheryl said...

I have to say I think that's my favorite picture of her so far!!!! What an angel!

Sarah & Drew said...

Ditto your mom! This is darling. Yes you need to start doing baby photography on the side!!!

Angie said...

Ok, you have an absolutely fantastic way of capturing the most memorable photos! I love seeing them on your updates!!!