Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quinn is 3 months old!

Wednesday (1/28/08) marked 12 weeks for Miss Quinn! I'm so excited that she has reached this mark as a healthy and happy baby. I took some photos today that I think are just too precious. She did really well for me too, she's such a good model. I would have loved to take the photo shoot into the garage for different lighting and be able to use some different lenses but it's 50 degrees here today and the garage would be just a bit cold for her, especially since she's only wearing a tutu. So the front hallway had to do!

As for you grandmas and grandpas, no worries, I have photos coming your way. Just give me a little time to get it pulled together!

As a side note, my sister, who has a 10 week old and 19 months old, warned me that when Quinn reached 3 months to 6 months I might start having baby fever again. Apparently this is an angelic age and we forget how difficult it was in the beginning and think we'd like to do this again. She warned me, when these thoughts enter my mind, IGNORE THEM! Let them pass until Quinn is older because when she starts crawling and walking, it gets difficult again. Well, Heather, you are right. This age is fantastic and I have started thinking I'd like to do it again. But I'll take your advice and ignore the thoughts. I just wanted to let you know :)


maggie said...

i want you to live near me to take pictures of my girls, you do such a great job. quinn looks so adorable, she IS so adorable.

Sarah & Drew said...

Ditto Mag's comment. These are gorgeous. She's gorgeous. She's following suit nicely behind her mama!