Monday, January 26, 2009

Great weekend!

We had a really good weekend and Quinn's first non relative babysitting experience was great. I even got to spend lots of time with friends this weekend, very badly needed.

Jason and I went out Saturday night to celebrate our 2nd anniversary and Quinn stayed with friends of ours. We weren't out very late, I guess we're getting old and boring. We thought of meeting up with friends but then worried about how long we'd be out, how far we'd have to travel, etc... so we just called it a night at 8:45, ha! Kristy took some photos while babysitting Quinn that are pretty cute. Looks like she was in great hands and enjoying her time with them!
So Kristy and Jon told us that they were having a really easy time with Quinn. She did have a dirty diaper which I didn't think would happen b/c this kid is on the weekly plan. But Kristy did say she was hoping that Quinn would have one so that Jon could practice diaper changing. Careful what you ask for!
I guess just as Kristy and Jon were agreeing that it was easy to babysit Quinn, she busted out her fussiness mode. She tends to get fussy btwn 6:30pm- 9:30pm. This was the stage we considered colic for weeks but has since gotten much better. So when Jason and I showed up after dinner, Quinn was crying and giving them a hard time. We got her settled down and gave her a bottle while hanging out with them and watching the boxing match on HBO. Then, only because Murphy's law exists and rears its ugly head, Quinn proceeded to puke on me, my dress and their couch. Are you kidding me? Did she have to hit the couch? Thank the Lord for microsuede. I'd be embarrassed except we're so used to it, what do you do? If anyone has a good solution for a baby that vomits as much as Quinn does, let me know. Maybe I should say spits up, or something in between.

Quinn and I had to stay home today b/c it was pretty cold outside and looks like we'll be staying in the house tomorrow too with the freezing rain in the forecast. Too bad, we've had fun getting to take walks during all the great weather Dallas has been having.

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kristy said...

We were getting way too cocky with our 'parenting' skills. Quinn just had to keep us humble. :)