Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! New Year's Eve is just about here, can you believe Christmas has come and gone?!

We had a really great time visiting family over the past week. The drive to Nebraska was pretty long, we ended up splitting it into two days and staying in Salina, KS because of icy weather. Quinn did excellent in the car though, I'm so proud of her!

We were in Lincoln through Christmas Eve and it was chaos! There were times when all three kids (Wyatt, Bella and Quinn) were screaming/crying at the same time and all six adults looked dazed and delirious. It was comical. But by the end, all the kids seemed to calm down and adjust pretty well to their new surroundings. We got to spend Tuesday night with family including grandpa, aunt/uncles, cousins and their kids. Miss Quinn was spoiled!
KC was also great and we got to see so much family. I cannot believe how generous everyone was to Quinn. She's 8 weeks old! But it was so nice to be with family and to just hang out. It's hard being so far from everyone and you're always reminded how hard when you visit for a week. Jason's mom said she's working on fixing the cold weather in KC. When that's accomplished, we'll think of moving there :)

The weather was crazy in the midwest. We arrived in Lincoln to ice, snow and -12 degrees. We left KC under a toronado watch and arrived in Dallas to 70 degrees. Can you have much more of an extreme? No wonder Jason and Quinn have colds. Yes, Quinn has her first cold and I'm so mad about it. But when you have 30+ people kissing the same forehead, you're bound to pass germs.

I took her to the pediatrician today, she's perfectly fine. She does weigh 12 pounds, 4.5 ounces though. What a chunky monkey!! I had to stop at the store and buy a new sleeper, one that isn't too short for her. I doubt she'll be able to wear it for long though! This kid grows too fast. But she's such a healthy baby and we're so thankful for that. No complaints.

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