Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some new firsts

Grandma Yoder got a picture of mommy taking me for my first walk. It was cold!
All bundled up for my very first walk. Thanks Grandma Fuller for my sweater, I needed it!!

Here is daddy pushing me on my second walk. It's starting to get cold in Dallas.

Grandma made my foot mold. She tried to get my hands but I wasn't having it!

Grandma and grandpa let mom and dad go out for their first date night since I was born. Boy, did they need it!

Quinn is still doing wonderful and she's so precious. We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday with Angie, the girls, her fiancee and his family. It was wonderful to be surrounded by some family and have really great food. I'll have to update those photos later when I get the chance.

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Sarah & Drew said...

I love the family picture...you guys are so darn cute!!!

I liked the dog cameo too.