Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Seattle!!! - 31 weeks

Yup, this was totally his idea. But he is definitely the most handsome octupus I've ever seen!

View of Space Needle from Sculpture Park

Top of the Space Needle

This is at the original Starbucks. I had to have ONE latte. It's the only one I've allowed myself the entire pregnancy!!

Throwing the fish in Pike Place Market

Just got back from Seattle late last night and we're a bit tired today. The flight was about 4 hours and the plane ride back didn't offer television, radio or free food. Good thing we had an ipod, books and some snacks with us.

Seattle was so much fun and we were blessed with amazing weather. It stayed around low to mid 70's during the day with just a slight breeze. Mornings and evenings were a bit cooler but it was overall perfect. The locals couldn't stop talking about how "warm" it was, ha!

We didn't have much of a plan when we got there but we were able to do quite a few things. We started off Saturday at the Pike Place Market. I think we sampled just about all the food you can. From Piroshky's to cinnamon rolls to Honey Crisp apples (they're in season!) to peaches and different flavors of honey. Funny enough, we didn't really eat any seafood. I was most excited about eating crab and salmon but if you find it cheap, it's because it's fried. The seafood was almost more expensive there than what we have here. Not sure why, we even ventured into other parts of the city and found the same thing. Either we didn't look at the right places or they think highly of their fish!

Saturday afternoon we walked around town and did some sightseeing. We finally made it to a restaurant called Ray's for lunch. We got to sit on the balcony and enjoy lunch in the sun. I can't believe it but I got sunburned. Didn't see that coming. It wasn't hot, but then again, my poor body hasn't seen sun in months.

Saturday night we took it easy and walked around some more, finally settled on a late dinner at the local grocery store! Sunday morning we got some breakfast and looked at the Pike Place Market again. We headed over to the Space Needle and did some of the touristy attractions there. We stopped in the sculpture park and sat by the water for some time. Jason listened to his ipod while we looked at the ocean and I ate my honey crisp apple. Eventually we made our way to the aquarium (smallest aquarium I've ever seen) and then headed to dinner in the Capital Hill area of town.

Monday was a lazy day before leaving. We just walked around town and saw as much as possible before heading to the airport in the afternoon.

I haven't exercised that much since the beginning of the pregnancy and I'm still a little sore from it today. But I'm patting myself on the back for keeping up with Jas and not being too much of a drag. We figured out we walked at least a couple miles each day. Doesn't sound like much to most of you but for this big lady, it was a great workout! And did I mention they have hills that would rival parts of San Francisco? We're used to flat terrain and some of those hills I had to pray before walking up!

Enjoy the pics!

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