Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How did I ever find time to work?

Today marks one week at home ~ post job. I have found so much to do around the house that I'm not sure how I ever found time for work.

Let's recap today: worked on some stuff for my father to help him with hurricane claims, ran some errands including buying a chair from Office Depot and assembling it at home, mowed the lawn, weeded the garden, stained the bench outside, ran to the post office, put away dishes, did some laundry and bought a repair kit for the toilet (may let Jason take care of fixing it). Oh! and I got my baby shower thank you's completed and ready to mail. Phew! Now I have to think of a creative way to use a massive amount of leftovers from Jason's beer butt chicken this weekend. Last night was quesadillas.. tonight will be.... not sure yet. That's next on my list. Any suggestions?

Can I just tell you how many people stared at me while I was mowing. I assume b/c it's weird to see a woman 8 months pregnant and mowing. Either that, or my "mowing outfit" was worse than I thought, ha!

We received the baby furniture last night. We only opened one box, the tall dresser. It has two broken drawers and needs to be sent back. I read online in the reviews section that this is common. I'm not happy that furniture arrives broken and tonight we're going to look at the crib and other dresser to inspect. After talking to friends though, this seems to be fairly common. Still unacceptable, but common. Never mind that I'm anxious to put the room together, now we have to send it back, wait for it to come in again, wait for the delivery... and then hope that the replacement piece isn't broken as well. Yuck! Patience is not my strong point. Many of you are already aware of this.

But oh well. The baby is still not due until November and will probably sleep in a bassinet for awhile, I guess we still have some time.

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