Friday, September 19, 2008

A Gingerbread Cookie??

Last night I had one of the weirdest dreams I have ever had. I know that in pregnancy, it's common to have nightmares about the pregnancy, birth process or anywhere in between. But I woke up in the middle of the night convinced I was bawling my eyes out only to realize that I was dreaming and everything was fine, the baby was still kicking in my tummy (and yes, it was about 5am, what is she doing awake??).

I dreamt that I gave birth to baby girl Fuller and Jason, my mom and my sister were all present. As I held her in my hand, I realized she was a gingerbread cookie. I thought to myself, well, she's kind of crumbly and not shaped right but she'll grow up beautiful. We were all admiring her when the head broke off. I looked at my mom and asked her how I put my baby girl's head back together. My mom got a serious look on her face and looked at my sister who couldn't look at me and got up and walked away. I asked my mom, "is she dead?". My mom just nodded. I started BAWLING. I was heaving in the dream. I asked them, "why? What did I do wrong?". My sister told me that all the sugar I had eaten while pregnant probably caused this. There was nothing we could do except try to have another baby. Only this time, don't eat so much sugar.

Are you kidding me? I'm laughing as I read this but I was seriouly bawling in my sleep. How ridiculous! I've heard of women giving birth to monkeys and puppies, but a gingerbread cookie? Is this my body's way of telling me to lay off the snacks? Heck, I don't eat THAT much dessert!

Oh boy, I'm so glad it was just a ridiculous dream.


Anonymous said...

Hil...that is the funniest one I've heard. My friend gave birth to a litter of kittens in her dream! Yikes. Thanks for the laugh...What did Jason say? Hope you are feeling great! It won't be long now!

Your loving sister said...

Monkeys and puppies and a grain of rice!!! That was the latest, when I kept losing him (yes, it was a boy and I was pissed) I finally said, "who cares! You told me it was a girl anyway!"
God help us crazy pregnant ladies! Strange enough I know how devastating it feels to wake up from those dreams. It's probably the first of many insecurities as a new mommy! Luckily, we're better at it than we often give ourselves credit for. I'm 95% sure you will not cause your baby girl to lose her head (literally, figuratively I'm 100% sure you WILL) and leave it to your sister to point out that it's YOUR fault baby lost her head. I love you!

Sarah & Drew said...

Your sister's comment is funny. I can't say I had any crumbly dreams...I really don't think I even had any of these crazy preggo dreams. Maybe next time around.