Thursday, September 4, 2008

End of My Work Week

Not much to report today. Jason and I leave for Seattle tomorrow afternoon and I've got the whole day off of work. It's been a great, short week in terms of being in the office. I did have my 31 week appt. at the doctor's this afternoon. He just checked the heartbeat (btwn 140- 144) and measured my stomach (32cm). My weight... well, that's another story. Ugh. But he assures me that it's right on track. If only my thighs weren't expanding so grotesquely....

I did tell the doctor that the iron supplements have been working very well since I started them last week. My mood has improved, coworkers are running around with their head's attached this week (lucky for them), and my energy has come back. The doctor informed me it's a placebo effect b/c iron pills take much longer to take effect and overall, they won't bring my hemoglobin up that much. So basically, it's all in my head. Thanks doc! Now I feel stupid. Oh well, I'll take a placebo effect, as long as I'm feeling better, right?!

See you guys next week!

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maggie said...

hil! oh my gosh, you look great. i was checking sarah's blog and saw a comment from team fuller and got linked to your blog! so fun to see pictures of you and read all about you and your growing family! hope you are doing well. can't wait to see pictures of your little one when they arrive! take care!