Sunday, September 28, 2008

Couple's Shower ~ 34 weeks

This is the present stash at our house after we got home!!

Ladonna & her precious daughter Helena

Carrie and my huge belly in front of the presents

Ladonna, Kendra and moi (so mad this pic is blurry!!!)

Me & Wendy

Wendy calls this the Olan Mills shot b/c you can see our reflection in the mirror, ha!
Saturday night our dear friends Will & Wendy Pace, Pat Ryan and Kristi Roberts threw us a couple's shower. We had the best time celebrating with our closest friends! The party kicked off at 6 and didn't shut down until 1am.

Wendy & Kristi knew that I did not want to make people watch me open presents so they came up with the brilliant idea of having people bring them unwrapped. We got to go through the presents all through the night, oohing and aahing without putting the guys through the usual eye rolling process as we did our girlie thing. The boys hung out, watched some football and by the end of the night we were all outside hanging out with one another like old times.

Our hosts provided brisket and a mashed potato bar (genius and yummy!) along with wine and beverages for the guests, and sparkling lemonade for moi! Jason and I had a great time seeing everyone and we really appreciate the love and support. Did I mention the presents?! We are completely spoiled!!!
Let me also mention the highlight of the night ~ miss 4 yr old Helena, Tyler and Ladonna's little girl. She asked me all night long, "is the baby here yet? I want to play with her. Make sure when she gets here that you tell me so we can play". I tried to tell her that the baby wasn't going to show up that night but I promised that when she did, I would make sure she knew so that they could play. How precious is that?!

I also want to say congratulations to Kid and Whitney and Jon and Kristy on their pregnancies! You are truly blessed.

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