Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Starting the blog

Quite a few friends have started blogs and it's been a fun way to see what is going on with each of them and their families. With the pregnancy and soon to be new addition, I figured now was as good of a time as any to start one and keep people updated on everything going on.

As of today, 8/27/08, I am somewhere between 29 and 30 weeks. The doctor keeps changing the due date on us so we'll just stick with this. As of right now, I'm due sometime between November 6th and November 12th. So basically, I'm due beginning to mid November.

The pregnancy is going well and I'm anxious for maternity leave. All of our doctor appointments have been positive experiences. The last one was the glucose/ gestational diabetes test which I passed (yay!). But I am anemic so they put me on iron supplements. No big deal, but it explains a lot of the symptoms I've been having! Good excuse to chow down on hamburgers huh?!

Other than that, we're still working on decorating the baby's room. The furniture will be delivered mid September and we need to paint (attention Jason) and get carpets cleaned. But otherwise.... we're getting there!

This weekend is exciting because we're headed to KC for our first baby shower held by Jason's aunts. A lot of family will be there which is great. I'm really looking forward to a weekend away with family and friends!

Then next weekend we get to take our mini vacation to Seattle (more on that later!)

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